Fun Family Weekend

Daycare is closed and we decided to take advantage of the extra few days we had to take off (oh darn 🙂 ) and plan a fun local trip.  We never really get the opportunity to explore sites around town so we decided this weekend to go over to Portsmouth.  Although it was hazy and threatening to rain a few times the weather held out and we got in some window shopping, sightseeing, and yummy food.

Very hazy day

Yummy popovers and maple butter at Popovers on the Square. Definitely recommend this place!

Dada and baby on the rocks

First time putting her toes in the sand

having fun at the park by the ocean

Yummy lunch at Portsmouth Brewery

I think I have found my new favorite place today.  Popovers On the Square makes by far the best popovers I have ever had!  They come with maple butter and it makes the perfect flavor combination.  If you are ever in Portsmouth you have to check them out.  I love how personable Eva is becoming and how much fun she has trying new things, day trips need to definitely become more regular.

Although I’m off the next few days we have a very busy week planned this week with Mort traveling a little and me visiting some friends.  Because of that, we have to have some quick and easy meals this week.  Our menu this week is:

Last week I had a one-pot macaroni and cheese recipe and I hope nobody tried it because it was horrible!  I thought it would be a good idea to make a crock pot mac & cheese where you don’t have to cook the pasta in advance but the recipe I used was so many kinds of wrong.  If anyone has a good recipe they want to share I would love it!  I still stand by my other mac & cheese recipe I have on my recipe page though, just not a one-pot recipe.

Tonight we actually had the Sauerbraten Hamburgers for dinner.  This was one of my mom’s recipes that she made a lot and it’s just so yummy!  I cook it more in the winter but it just sounded good so I decided to make it despite the heat.  The flavor of the sauce is out of this world!  It’s actually a fairly simple recipe and once you buy the ingredients you can make this meal soooo many times without having to buy much more than the ground beef.  I haven’t played around with putting the sauce on other kinds of beef but I know you can so let me know if any of you end up trying it.  Tonight I decided to make it with ground turkey instead of beef.

It is more ingredients than I normally use in a recipe but believe me, it’s worth it!

This picture doesn’t do the meal justice.  It is so delicious, I wish I could add scent to the blog.  I wish there were more green on the plate but I guess that’s what I get by not being more specific when the husband goes grocery shopping by himself and the list just says to get a few frozen veggies 🙂


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