Happy Hump Day!

The one nice thing about being insanely busy at work is that before you know it you are over half way through the work week!  This is even more exciting because we have a fun family day trip planned to finally check out Portsmouth, NH AND daycare is closed next week meaning I have to take a few days off from work to hang out with my daughter……stinks doesn’t it? (note the sarcasm).  I am seriously so excited for my stay-cation!  I feel like we have been so busy this summer and I am looking forward to a couple days off from work where I can do whatever I want around the house or around town.  I’m also having an “I know I’m old” moment because I am soooo excited that I have a new steam mop coming tomorrow, combine that with a couple days off from work to play with it and you get one happy lady 🙂  After reading probably a hundred reviews I decided to get the Eureka Enviro Steamer.  It was a front runner in most of the reviews I read and when I looked it up on Amazon it was majorly on sale so I was sold.  I hope it’s good and I don’t have to start over looking for a different one.


Now continuing with my meals containing all things cheesy now that I can eat dairy, I decided to whip out a couple really yummy dishes for dinner last night.  Bruschetta pork with the quick and easy egg noodle side dish makes one yummy meal!  The pork is super easy and has a lot of flavor.  The original recipe is one from Kraft so it calls for Shake N Bake and some specific dressing.  I don’t like to buy items that I can only use for one meal so I normally sub out the Shake N Bake for some good ole bread crumbs (the 4C panko breadcrumbs have the least amount of sodium) and use some italian dressing instead of the sundried tomato vinegrette that I can never find.


The pasta side dish is sooooo easy and has a lot of flavor.  I have made egg noodles with parmasean before but it has never had as much flavor as this recipe has.  You can buy egg noodles that contain extra nutrients now too so it can be a bit healthier than a normal pasta side dish.


The best part of a delicious meal these days though is when Miss Eva J likes it and she absolutely loved this and made lots of yummy noises 🙂

Have a great rest of your week everyone!


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