Dining Room Love

Part of what made coming back from vacation a little bit fun was coming home and setting up our new dining room furniture.  This time last year I was almost 8 months pregnant and my husband built us an addition off the kitchen with the help of friends and family.  It was a big undertaking and hugely stressful especially being that pregnant but it came out absolutely beautiful. For the last year we have basically just had a table in there and my wonderful in-laws decided to change that and loaded us up with chairs and a hutch.  I feel so adult that that excites me 🙂  What we now have is:

Minus the dog bed it’s so beautiful.  My husband’s gram also gave us her china so the hutch is all full and ready for a dinner party!  Now hopefully sometime this next year we will finally get art/pictures up on the wall :/

Now that we have such a nice set up I have even more of a desire to cook nice family dinners every night.  We have been having sit down dinners for at least the last 2 years and we feel it’s really important to have that family time each night especially now that we have miss Eva.  Tonight’s dinner was an oldie but a goodie.  Growing up my dad had just a couple of things that he would cook when he was out of town and this one was a hit with my sister and I and thus got the name Daddy’s Special  It definitely wasn’t the smartest idea to use the oven when it’s 100 outside but it was so yummy

I hope everyone is having a great week!


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