I’m Back!

I’m back!!  I took a much needed break from all things work related (and daily life in general).  For the past 2 weeks I have been spending time with friends and family in Heaven (aka Maine).

Look out from the dock

Vacation definitely has a different vibe with a 10 month old tagging alone but it was still really nice to turn off my work brain and just relax.

Dipping her toes in the lake for the first time (it wasn’t a big hit)

Out to eat and to have some yummy cocktails

Just relaxing at Grammie and Grandpa’s house

And this is what vacation is all about

And now I’m back home and back to reality, blah!  I don’t know how everyone else works but I seriously have to get home and get everything back and organized before I can really relax.  This wasn’t easy because we basically had a whole new dinning room to set up (thank you to my in-laws 🙂 ) along with all of the usual laundry/unpacking fun.  I can’t to show everyone pictures of the new set up in the dinning room but that will come a bit later.  I’m officially all settled back in but now it has hit me that work and more reality is less than 1 day away.  Making our meal list and grocery shopping today have definitely confirmed that it’s  back to daily grind tomorrow.

Our weekly menu this week has some old recipes I have had forever and lots of CHEESE!!! Over vacation I have slowly gotten back to my diet before Eva was diagnosed with a Milk Protein Allergy.  It looks like we are a go and little girl loves all things cheese just like her mama 🙂

This week we are going to have:

  • Pizza (the normal way)
  • Pesto Pasta with chicken this week.  We had left over pine nuts from the last time so I have to use them up
  • Weeknight Ravioli Bake made with spinach ravioli
  • The best light macaroni and cheese made with ham and broccoli.  I have tried several homemade macaroni and cheese recipes and this is by the far the creamiest and has about 1/2 the calories.  I find that it is really really yummy if you had a little swiss cheese to it too which is awesome because another meal this week needed swiss!
  • Baked Chicken and Brie  We made a trip to BJs yesterday and you can pick up a huge thing of Brie for almost nothing
  • Swim Ham Ring (aka Daddy’s Special).  My Dad used to make this for my sister and I when we were little when my mom wasn’t home, thus getting the name Daddy’s Special 🙂

Definitely lots of Cheese!  I can’t wait.

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