Mama wants some dairy!

It has officially been 8 months and 3 days since I have had any dairy, but whose counting!?!  When Eva was just over 1 month old she was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and we were faced with the choice to put her on some really nasty smelling formula or for me to cut out all dairy and continue breastfeeding.  I have to say giving up dairy was a real test of willpower .  Now I’m a Vermonter, through and through.  Give me some Cabot Cheddar and maybe some carbs on the side and I am one happy girl.  For the last 8 months and 3 days I have been dreaming about all things cheese; a yummy port wine cheese ball topped with some cheddar sprayed with some cheese in a can……  you get the point.

Last Tuesday we went for Eva’s check up with her GI doctor and were given the go ahead to start weaning some dairy back in and if all goes well in 3 weeks we should both be able to eat anything we want!  Last week she had me start giving her some items with dairy baked in such as goldfish.  This week I have to eat yogurt and next week I give her yogurt.  I love almost all dairy but yogurt for some reason disgusts me so I’m taking one for the team this week 🙂  Today was my first day having yogurt with my lunch and so far so good!  I basically have to look out for any signs that she hasn’t grown out of her allergy and go back on our diary free diet if she does :/  Some great sites if you are looking for more info on dairy allergies are Wholesome Baby Food or Kelly Mom

The end is hopefully in sight and this is my prize!


Just a little spoiler, Eva and I worked on a completely awesome craft last night for Father’s Day.  I can’t wait to show everyone after she gives it to Dada on Sunday!


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