Weekends come and go so quickly!  Saturdays are typically more of our family’s “fun” day and Sundays are our “get it done” day.  We normally start our day early (6:00am today thanks to miss Eva) and start by cutting coupons, making our grocery list/meal list, and folding laundry.  by 9:00am this morning I had all of that done and Mort even had time to weed whack outside.  I have officially started to add recipes to my recipe page so check it out!

I personally love looking at blogs to get recipe and meal inspiration, so every Sunday (give or take a few) I will post what our menu looks like for the week.  I try to spice things up a bit and keep it as healthy as possible but our menus are normally all over the place with some simple quick fixes mixed in.

Normally we need about 5-6 meals to make it through the week but this week Mort is out of town (which has become the norm) so we only needed 4.  I don’t decide which day we are doing what unless it’s something special or something special is going on.  Our menu this week is:

  • Chili Cornbread Bake
  • Drunken Pork chops with red skin potatoes (I like red skin for week days because you have the goodness of potatoes with half the time because you don’t have to peel them)
  • Mort’s homemade pizza (We normally have weekly pizza night that Mort does since I’m dairy free and he can make me a specialty pizza, I can blog later on why I’m living dairy free for the moment)
  • Hot dogs with beans (I had a coupon last week for hot dogs and this is just a quick meal)

I am going to make the Chili Cornbread Bake tonight because it takes a little more prep than what I would like for a weeknight.  I love this recipe because not only is it delicious but it makes double what we need so I have a meal to freeze for later.  Anytime I can freeze extra it’s a plus for all the time I put into making something.  I’ll try to start posting pictures of things I’m doing as I do them.

Now I just have to grocery shop and clean :/  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.  Now to leave you will a little Sunday cuteness 🙂

Eva is ready for vacation!


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