Slow Down

Have you ever felt like time is just flying bye too fast?  Day to day things can sometimes seem to drag but then before you know it a whole year has gone by, or 9 months for me.  I feel like just yesterday I was bringing home my baby girl as a new and scared mommy and now she is a little girl on the verge of crawling.  She definitely still needs her mommy but is growing more independent every day.  I feel like I need time to stand still for just a little while so I can better appreciate the moment and take in all of the wonderful little things she does.

I feel like with how quickly the last nine months have gone that I need to start putting together some things for her big birthday bash!  Since she’s a September baby I’m thinking of having a low key apple theme.  Just throwing around a few ideas (thank you pinterest)

This but for a 1 year old

(ideas and pictures taken from blogs found on Pinterest Mama and Baby Love and Hostess with the Mostess)

There are so many cute ideas and I can’t wait to get started.

Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

6 thoughts on “Slow Down

    • Thanks Kara! I figure until I have a set blog header I can look at heaven and continue to count down the days until we are all there!

    • I have! You have some really cute apple ideas. I absolutely love reading your blog and all of the great stories you have 🙂

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