I am so excited about this blog!  I haven’t been this excited about starting a new project in quite a while.  Over the past few months I have been throwing around the idea of starting one basically to serve as an online journal of all the fun (and maybe not so fun things) going on.  Now that I have a daughter who is growing way too fast, anything that helps me to capture a moment that I can look back on is priceless.

Personally I love to read blogs and get new ideas on everything from what to have for dinner to a new cute bow to buy Eva.  It honestly wouldn’t have been something I would have started at this point in my crazy busy life if it weren’t for my friend Kara’s encouragement.  She herself has a really cute blog “The Daily Whisk” and, now that we live over 2 hours away, I love catching up on what she is up to from her posts.  Most recently she has even helped me with the inspiration for the name.  Hopefully this will be a place for people to come to find a little inspiration for themselves, a good laugh, or just a fun de:tale of my day to day life 🙂


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